19mm Laser Beam Position Viewing

XY Crosshair Generator

XY Crosshair Generator

The X-Y Crosshair Generator creates X & Y axis crosshairs on any color or black and white TV and/or video system.

Safety Shutter
with Diode Pointer

Safety Shutter with Diode Pointer

The SSDP-19 safety shutters are fail-safe shutters with a gold plated liquid-cooled reflecting shutter blade.

Shutter Interlock Unit

Shutter Interlock Unit

Shutter Interlock Units' high peak power circuitry is designed to deliver the shortest open/close times.

GigE Industrial
Progressive Scan Camera

Progressive Scan Camera Gig E

GigE is camera interface standard that uses the Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) communication protocol. High-performance industrial imaging.

CCD Camera

CCD Camera

A CCD camera converts optical brightness into electrical amplitude signals using charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor.

Beam Combiner/
Diode Pointer

Beam Combiner Diode Pointer

The Beam Combiner/Diode Pointer has an integrated laser beam alignment diode and laser beam combining optic.

Fiber Optic
Illumination System

Fiber Optic Illumination System

The FIB-200 Fiber Optic Illumination System delivers high intensity cold illumination through a fiber optic cable.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Illuminator

Affordable illuminator provides intense cool uniform light under 3-position intensity control.

CCD Camera System

CCD Camera System

The CAM-1000 CCD Camera System permits coaxial viewing of the focal position through the high-power laser optics for set-up and process monitoring.


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