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50mm Fiber Laser
Process Head System
Building Tree

Laser Beam Delivery Product Information

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Nozzle Bodies

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50mm Nd:YAG Laser Process Head System

Fiber Laser 38mm Nozzle Body

3049 CHS Captive Height Sensing Nozzle Bodies

The CHS Series capacitive height sensing nozzle bodies are developed for high-pressure assist gas applications with low heat transfer between the tip and nozzle. A forced-air cooling version provides extra heat protection when cutting highly reflective materials. Nozzles are designed to work with any of the T-M8 Series nozzle tips, providing a wide range of orifice sizes and tip designs to meet any application. This body style is also available in non-height sensing configurations.


CHS Capacitive Height Sensing Nozzle Bodies, NZL-3029-M8-AMX

CHS Height Sensing Nozzle Body Specifications:


Part Number Anatomy

NZL-3049 dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part # dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part # dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part # dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part #
    arrow   arrow   arrow   arrow
Output Thread
M8 : M8 x 0.75
M5   M5 x 0.5
625 : 625 x 32
Body Style
X : No Autofocus
A   Autofocus
X : None
M   MCX (Female)
S : SMA (Female)
Option Code
X : Standard


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