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50mm Fiber Laser
Process Head System
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Laser Beam Delivery Product Information

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50mm Nd:YAG Laser Process Head System

Fiber Laser 50mm Pneumatic Collision Sensor

PRCS-4619-50 Pneumatic High-Angle Collision Sensor

The Pneumatic High-Angle Collision Sensor works by establishing the minimal points of contact required to restrain all degrees of freedom (movement) in normal operation. When a collision occurs, external forces upset this balance thereby allowing angular, rotational, or compressive compliance. This motion opens a normally closed switch and sends a signal to your motion system's E-stop or controller.


Pneumatic High-Angle Features




Pneumatic High-Angle Collision Sensor (PRCS)
Part Numbering Anatomy

PRCS dash Laser Beam Delivery Component Part #
4619 :  

Model Mass Height Diameter Pre-Trip Compliance Range Temperature Rating Response Time
PRCS-4619 1lb 2.67 in 3.40 in 0-0.10 in 210 deg F 2-6 ms


Model Moment Resistance Torque Resistance Force Resistance Angular Compliance
PRCS-4619 29-274 in/lb 56-362 in/lb 25-229 lb ±13°


Model Rotary Compliance Axial Compression Repeatability x,y, & z Repeatability about z-axis
PRCS-4619 29-274 in/lb 56-362 in/lb 25-229 lb ±13°


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