19mm Laser Beam Adapters, Clamps, Mounts, Beam Tubes

Beam Delivery Tubes

Laser Beam Delivery Tubes

Beam Delivery Tubes are high-grade anodized aluminum tubes which provide sealed containment of the laser beam path.

Beam Tube &
Locking Ring

Laser Beam Tube Locking Ring

A screw collar connecting beam tubes along the laser path.

Beam Tube Couplers

Laser Beam Tube Couplers

Each coupler has a 1"-32 thread on one end with a sealed receptacle for the beam tube on the other end.

Telescopic Beam Tubes

Telescopic Beam Tubes

The BTS-19 has telescopic internal spring tube to ensure protection from misaligned beams and is for recommended for vertical mounting.

Targets & Optic Wrenches

Targets and Optic Wrenches

Alignment targets aid in the centering of the laser beam relative to the mechanical center of beam delivery components.

Translation Mount
with Quick Connect

Translation Mount with Quick Connect

Translation Mounts are designed for the critical alignment of transmissive optics, such as placing beam collimators within a pre-existing beam path.

Beam Tube Mount

Telescopic Beam Tube Mount

The BTT-19 utilizes telescopic male and female tubes to ensure protection from misaligned beams.

Accessories & Adapters

Accessories and Adaptors

Provides a method to rigid mount BT-19 Beam Tubes to lasers, flanges, or mounting plates.

Locking Rings

Locking Rings

Locks threads on the beam tube coupler to prevent rotation.


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