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Custom Machining

The Custom Machining Division of Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.(Haas LTI) is a full service manufacturing facility specializing in prototype and short to medium production runs.

Engineering & Design

Engineering and DesignOur in-house engineering and design staff consists of electrical, mechanical, and optical engineers. Haas LTI is well versed in engineering world-class custom optical, electrical and mechanical assemblies. Our engineering team's expertise in precision machining and fabricating of laser beam delivery components ensures a successful project from concept to final design.



FabricationFrom machined components to welded structures and electronic assemblies, Haas LTI's Custom Machining Division can fabricate them all.

Custom fabrication experience is drawn from our diverse in-house engineering resources and skilled multi-talented machinists.



ManufacturingOur manufacturing group of the Custom Machining Division is second to none. We remain on the leading edge of technology by constantly updating and expanding our state-of-the-art facilities. Paperless designs shorten cycle times using customer supplied CAD files.

CAD-CAM programs enable components to be virtually machined and tested in 3D before any components are manufactured. The latest CNC equipment processes the information to produce a high-quality end component the first time. Engineers and machinists work together to assemble and test prototype assemblies for functionality.



MachiningCapabilities include machining of all types of metals and plastics. The latest CNC equipment combined with CAD-CAM technologies are used for machining every part.

Quality inspections are performed by each individual machinist on every part to ensure total part quality.



All products are initially assembled by engineers and machinists. After performance and quality evaluation specifications are met, the final documentation is completed and assembly procedures are finalized. Specialized trained personnel then perform all assembly functions under strict procedures and high quality standards.



QualityWhether it's production parts or prototypes, the custom machining group at Haas Laser Technologies delivers quality components every time. That's because our group's trained staff and management team are professionals with many years of engineering and machining experience. In addition, the exhaustive and foolproof in-house quality procedures of the custom machining group at Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. ensure the highest quality standards in the business.



DeliveryThe custom machining group at Haas Laser Technologies specializes in precision, short to medium production runs and prototypes. We handle fast turnarounds because of consistent investments in the latest high tech machines, software and procedures.

Haas LTI knows you rely on your suppliers to meet delivery dates and that you need someone who is flexible and reliable enough to respond.



ServiceIn a highly-competitive world market, customers choose the custom machining group at Haas Laser Technologies with confidence, because of consistent quality and on-time deliveries. Dependable quality, being readily adaptable to cusomer requirements, leading edge technical capabilities, extensive management tools, highly skilled people and on-time deliveries all add up to world class service we give with every product.


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