19mm Laser Beam Directing & Positioning

Linear Adjustable Mounts

Linear Adjustable Mounts

Linear Adjustable Mounts are typically attached to a process head for fine adjustment of the laser focus spot relative to the workpiece.

Laser Beam Dump

Laser Beam Dump

Laser Beam Dump provides a method to terminate a laser beam.

Motorized Z-Axis Unit

Motorized Z-Axis

High-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel provide high speed linear positioning of various autofocus and/or laser process head designs.

Kinematic Beam Splitter

Kinematic Laser Beam Splitter

Kinematic laser beam splitters provide a 90º angular displacement of reflected beam with minimal lateral displacement of transmitted beams.

Beam Switching Unit

Laser Beam Switching Unit

Contains an internal BBK-19 Beam Bender mounted on precision linear bearings. Can be translated in & out of the beam path.

Kinematic Beam Bender

Kinematic Laser Beam Bender

Kinematic laser beam benders provide a 90º beam displacement with a 19mm clear aperture.

Industrial Articulated Arm

Industrial Articulated Arm

Industrial Articulated Arms provide sealed laser delivery with constant path length on moving systems.

Additional Laser
Delivery Components

Additional Laser Beam Delivery Components

Examples of custom laser delivery components for a variety of industrial applications.


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